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What is Online Marketing Business

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Legitimate Online Marketing Business

Learn How to Build A Successful Online Business…, how does that sound to you?

You probably do not know What Is Online Marketing Business, let alone How to  Build A Successful Online  Business. So your feeling on the following is understandable.

  1. Skeptical ?
  2. Cynical?
  3. Doubt?
  4. Curious?
  5. Interesting?
  6. No Harm learning.
  7. Good to Learn!
  8. That’s what I have been looking for!!

What Category are you? Frankly, if you ask me, I probably will have all the 8 sentiments and feeling in various stage of life. Believe me,  I know how you feel, as I felt the same way until I found WealthyAffiliate (WA) and its community of caring and supportive members. Before we go any further, I have to say that I am glad to find my #1 Affiliate Program. Its Online Entrepreneurs certification is simple, clear and concise for a newbie to follow through to set up a website, free or paid to start an online marketing business.

Confusion online MarketingYou see about two months ago I attended a wealth creation and investment Bootcamp, the coaches taught the participants various method of wealth creation and investment. The seminar theme is simply, create unparalleled wealth and investment to preserve your wealth.

.Interestingly one of the ways to create wealth is Online Marketing, either as an income generator or tools to grow your company sales thereby increase profit.

The thought of creating income through Online Marketing Business strike me and arouse my long-lost interest in Internet Marketing but doubt soon creep in and “Can I make Money at Home? kind of self-doubt gets into my mind. Can I make money online

My Online Marketing Business Journey.

My Online Marketing Business journey can consider disastrous when compared to my Home Base Business. i.e. Network Marketing or MLM business. I first get interested in Internet Marketing way back in 1997 when Asian was hit by the worst financial crisis. Internet Marketing and/or Network Marketing was the IN Things to make extra income at home.

Back then, the computer is not as fast and as versatile as PC today. But I carry on, my first purchase on Internet course,  leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I paid the course with the credit card of my wife and they accused me of stealing Third Party card without checking with me. By then, I had already generated a couple a hundred dollars commission from promoting their product. I felt dejected and keep away from my computer for a while.

Sometime later, I started to get interested again after reading some subscribed email and purchase an e-book teaching people How To Start Making Money Online without any Internet Skill. One thing leads to another, little did I know that these Internet Marketing Experts are only interested to sell me more product than teaching me how to build an Online Business properly. I do not mind investing money in my personal development but buying unnecessary software and tool and jammed my computer is another story. By then, I had spent a considerable amount of money buying fascinating products which I never use or did not know how to use. There is practically no support given because before I get used to the existing product they came out with a new and better one and cost more. So I threw in the towel.

The Internet Marketing Bootcamp.

Internet Marketing BootcampIn the year 2008, if I remembered the date right, we (my wife and I) attended some seminars for personal development as we always believe the best investment in life is to invest in ourselves. One of the seminars had talked about Internet Marketing as a way of creating Multiple Source of Income and I was sold. Paid the cost fee for a 3 days bootcamp which equivalent to about 3 or 4 years of full Premium Membership in  Mind you, that was about 10 years ago. The 3 days bootcamp went very well and everyone was convinced that they can make money online easy at home.

The Internet Marketing Expert has a very impressive profile, interview the Motivational Master like Bob Proctor, rub shoulders with Arnold Schwarzenegger and many dignities. Provide us with tons of information, books, and tapes. This time is for real, I thought to myself. Did I make money, yes I did. But the amount of money I made did not justify the amount of time I invested. It is more of home business than Online Marketing Business.

This goes on for quite sometimes, I make some money online here and there but the results were not consistent. After some time, the communication between the Guru and student seems lesser and lesser and eventually died off. I got a feeling that we the participants got booted while the Internet Marketing Expert goes camping elsewhere.

Did I regret all these wasted investments, not a bit? Why? at least when some young Internet Marketing Guru trying to sell me their Online Business Bootcamp, I can differentiate whether they are giving a basic course like teaching participants how to build a website and putting in some Internet Affiliate Links or trying to get you in and upsell  their product or service,  or teaching you how to stuff 50-100 website with useless PLR or borrow from some ezine articles sites.

On a side note, because of this, I explore further and successfully written some articles and awarded a Platinum Article Author of a popular ezine site. That’s something I never thought of. Haha!

Back to the Young Internet Marketing Gurus course, I just met a few friends who attained 3 days Online Business Bootcamp, came out not building a single site. When I spoke to them, they were still wondering how to build a WordPress blog, let along searching of Keyword and content writing to attract visitors to their website.

Come the

We are InternetFrankly, I might have heard about WA before but in my mind, WA is just another Internet Business Site that keeps selling to their member useless products or service. Mind you, I was attracted by an email subscription offering 2 free domain with lifelong hosting and put my credit card details on it. Once get in, I regretted immediately, the Upsell seemed endless before I can get into their cPanel. My nightmare is not ended, my inbox was bombarded with 3-5 emails every day promoting product and service that promised to grow my online business and income. If a product is so good, why should you promote many others third party product or service to compete? Food for thought! Right?

After this bombardment of useless email, I registered with a more reputable hosting company as I was reviving my wife window decor website. I build the website by watching youtube video as the WordPress platform is so much different from what I knew.  It is still very scratchy as I built it before joining WA. No SEO, No Keyword search, etc. Anyway, we just wanted to put it back up so that her potential customer can know how to reach her, Surely I will refine after more study in WA.

I continue to do my search but not on the internet but rather how to write a book and get rich as we had just attended another Bootcamp on wealth creation through book publishing.  I thought perhaps I cannot publish my book in print, I can publish my books online. Good Idea right, definitely, as this goal still remains on my list of creating Multiple income and Investment.

Again, I subscribe to more email subscription and many still trying to sell product and service without offering something concrete in building an Online Marketing Business. One thing leads to another, I visited website after website and stumble upon WealthyAffiliate and another one simultaneously

Initially, the other looks promising so I joined. Again, an email came with offers after offer even though the owner mixed it intermittently some valuable information and advice but that is not good enough to me. That’s when I remember I also stumbled across a site with a difference,  it lists their members posting questions live. But by then, I had lost the site as I did not bookmark it, I did what is being taught like Keyword search and now I knew the term Alphabet Soup from Jaaxy.  Just type in some keyword and Google will populate the sentences, eventually, I found the WA website with 10 lessons FREE and 2 Free Websites.

And my Journey on What is Online Marketing Business begins again.

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