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Trafficwave Autoresponder Review – Good or Bad

Jaune SK 24
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The Search for Best Auto Responder

Before we go into the Good or Bad, Pros and Cons of today review on , you probably have heard the popular cliche in Online Business saying that “The Money is in the List” from many online marketers, while I do not dispute it, I do not agree with many online marketers and even some gurus way of using email marketing. We shall discuss this at length in a different post.

In business, we need customers, and statistics had shown that repeated and loyal customers are the best for all businesses as they strengthen the foundation of your business by providing your business a regular revenue with a much lower cost of acquisition and maintenance.

How do we maintain our base of customers in our online business?  There is no physical interaction, building trust will be a big challenge, let along keeping them and maintain them as our loyal customers. In business, customers will stay with you for one simple reason, that is; you have provided better Value to them than your competitors.

In order for you to provide value and keep constant contact with your customers, you need to have a system that provides a regular update to your customer.

The system will provide your customers new development on your business and how they can benefit from the new product, service or information that you have created for them.

To do this you need a program call Autoresponder which can send a regular email at a set interval to your customers or subscribers automatically. The importance of a Good Autoresponder cannot be emphasized more.

Since coming back to the online business and starting with an affiliate marketing program, I have researched a good deal of email marketing companies with autoresponder system. Many have been on the internet for years but they are also many new players coming up.

My objective on this Autoresponder system  is very clear, I just want an Autoresponder program which provides

  1. Simple email Opt-in form
  2. Lead Capture page system
  3. Easy and Simple setting up of my Online Business newsletter series
  4. Reliable auto delivering of my newsletter.
  5. Cost vs Benefit

While I am impressed with many of the Email Marketing and Autoresponder providers, when weighing the cost vs the benefit, many of them are way beyond my expectation. They are so good that I will be paying for the high cost of the features that I will not be using at least for the foreseeable 2-3 years when I am still building up my customers or subscribers base.

After much deliberation, I finally settled with this virtual un noticed Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketers;

30 Minute List Building Challenge Autoresponder

For the record, this is my second time using Trafficwave Email Marketing My first was about 10 years ago with a small success and due to work commitment, I left the internet arena. When I decided to start my online marketing business again, I wrote to Brian the owner of and manage to get my old username back.

I would have easily registered a new USER ID and enjoy the ONE month Free Trial but I forgo the gree trail as I have much confidence in their system.

Following is my personal review on Trafficwave Autoresponder and its system, Please be informed that is also an affiliate program. When you like my review and decide to try them out using the link here, I will be paid a commission when you upgrade after the ONE-month Free Trial period.

Likewise, when you introduce paid new user, you will be paid an affiliate commission. However, the subject on Trafficwave Affiliate Program is not our discussion here. It will be another topic.

Company Background is a Limited liability company started by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright, in the year 2000, it has been operating for more than 17 years and receive an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau; the authenticity of the company is stable and reliable as far as members or potential members are concerned. primary business is to develop and manage AutoResponder technology for small and medium enterprise for over 140 different countries. Customers can access their web-based AutoResponder system 24/7 to manage and send their newsletters, sales letters, offers, and other important communication to their subscribers.

Powerful Email Marketing Features

  • Manage Unlimited Lists.
  • Collect As Many Data As You Want.
  • Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click.
  • Track Your Open Rates
  • Track Your Click-Throughs
  • Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Your Web Site.
  • Convenient Opt-In Forms.
  • Send HTML or Text Messages.
  • No Complicated Programs to Download or Install.
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support

Review On Autoresponder

Before we discuss on the various criteria we weighted on a program under our review, let’s have a look at the Back office. As compared to 2 other “Free” with the limited usage email marketing program I joined, I must say Trafficwave back office is just plain and simple without the modern glamorous features with attractive templates and gadgets.

It is like comparing a posh fine dining restaurant and a family own restaurant while the food may be similar, you pay for the cost of decor, and fine chinaware for the dinner but the end result is the same, a sumptous dinner for the family.

The Back office of Autoresponder

The back office is divided into seven parts, for the purposes of this review, we will not be discussing Affiliate Program Manager (Item 7) the Adtracker (Item 2) and Members extra (item 5) which are meant to the Affiliate Marketing program and its function as this post is to review Auto Responder and its function.

1. Autoresponder –

Campaign Manager is where You manage your campaign and Create a New campaign on your newsletter and capture form. Setting up the Capture Form, email newsletter series is simple and easy. Just follow the instruction on each page and you are all set. is using a double opt-in system and the Flow goes like this

  1. Potential customers go to your website and attracted by your content or the Free eBook or Gift you offer and he provides his contact into the Subscriber form or Opt-in Form.
  2. He will then be lead to a page direct by you where you can offer him your free gift or bonus or simply a page where he can download your free gift.
  3. Your subscriber will receive an email asking him to confirm the subscription, once he clicks the confirmation link, he will again be lead to another page. At this point, you can offer a bonus of free or put up a Sales Page and offer more bonus.
  4. Once your subscriber confirmed the link, the Autoresponder system will automatically send out  the series of email written by you offering your subscriber your insight on your business, product or services,

I personally like the double opt-in system as your subscriber will be going back to your site at least twice, at this point, you can actually provide a free bonus to thank your subscriber, do a cross-sell, upsell or put up an offer on your product or service.

This is how many Gurus are teaching and showing you how much they had earned. Personally, I do not agree on the way they abused the system to the max on unsuspected individual buying into their sales pitch on the tool they might not require.

You can have a try to opt-in here, there will NOT be any SELLING of product or service except the Free Gift I promised.

Try it out now here.

2. Adtracker – Adtracker Manager provides the tool that you can create a link on your promotion campaign to track the result of your advertising campaign for the Trafficwave Affiliate marketing. You can also use it to track your other online campaign by creating a tracking link on your promotion.

3. Reminder – for you to schedule and view reminder on your task.

4. Account/Admin – This is the place you View, edit your profile and account and the policy matter

5. Members Extra – Banner campaign and other resources to promote your traffic Affiliate Marketing ( again this is for the Trafficwave Affiliate marketing. We will discuss this in another post.

6. Help and Support – This the place where member look for training, FAQ and Support (refer training topic)

7. Affiliate Manager – Any matter regarding the Trafficwave Affiliate program which is not the subject of discussion on this post.

You can have a brief overview on the trafficwave.ent back office here. Autoresponder and email management, is it GOOD or BAD?


  1. The Training given by Trafficwave fall into 2 parts, one is how to set up your Autoresponder campaign and another one is how to promote your business with email marketing.
  2. To help members on setting up their campaign, the training section has a Document Wiki member can search for required question and answer. There is also a video series teaching member how to set up the Autoresponder campaign. I have to say, following the video to set up the campaign is really simple. I tried many times on my other 2 free AR and cannot get into setting up my AR. THat is the main reason I came back to use Trafficwave even though I know very well Trafficwave does not have all the fanciful gadgets and templates.


  1. The only resources in Traffic wave for the member to refers are the Training Video, Document Wiki and the blog provide by Brain on how to use email marketing to build a sustainable online business. While it may not be much but as long as a member can build a sustainable online business with the email campaign and management, I believe the resource is not much of an issue, after all when the campaign functioning well, everything will be automated, what other resource do we need?


  1. To support the members and also make available to potential members, Trafficwave have most of the common questions and problem answer on their blog. The also have the features of Trafficewave, email marketings tip the and video training series.


  1. The only tool that have shall be the back office on setting up your autoresponder campaign and management. The other tools they provided are maint for their affiliate program. Interestingly, Trafficwave is sharing on their blog on how the business owner uses Trafficwave as a tool to boost business profit.

Success Story

  1. There are no short of the success story for their Autoresponder as well their affiliate members, the success story of different business owners are using autoresponder to increase their customers base and revenue can be found in their client’s testimonial.

Cost Vs Benefits with Autoresponder.

Now if you asked me what is the key factor that I decided to use Trafficwave over many other email marketing company. My answer is simple, after weighing in the tool that I will use in the foreseeable future in building my Online Business and email campaign, I have to say is the Cost vs Benefit ratio. The benefit far outweighed the cost many many folds. Let me explained,

Let me explained,

First, the cost as compared to many big names and even newcomers. You can just google it and check, here is the comparison

Flat Rate Pricing – No Long-Term Contract

There is only One price for Trafficwave member and that is their monthly fee. There is no long-term contract and a member can opt out any time.

Manage Unlimited Lists.
One List or 500. Fifty Subscribers or 50,000. Your monthly subscription rate never goes up. You only pay one price regardless of how big is your list o how many lists. Most email management company give a Free membership and allow you to use their basic function but limited sending or list.

When your list getting bigger, the price will increase in relation to your list. Understand that on email marketing, it is a numbers game, you will need a sizable subscribers list to get a decent reward.

Collect As Many Data As You Want. Depend on your online business need, you can design your capture form to collect subscribers’ data form basic name and email information to full details including delivery address, telephone number, and gender, etc etc,

You can collect the information you want to target and segment your subscribers as wide or narrow as you want.

Schedule Broadcasts With a Mouse-Click. You can send a special offer or letter to a single subscriber or send a standard email or information to a group of subscribers or your entire database with a single click. You can also send your broadcast instantly or schedule it to go out at a later date.

Track Your Open Rates You can also design to Track Open Rates to see exactly how many of your messages are actually being opened by your subscribers. This is to analyze the impact of each and every email, their subject matter, and content.

Track Your Click-Throughs One of the most challenging issues in online business is to see how well your campaign is getting the result. Trafficwave adstracker program can assist in Tracking the effectiveness of each letter in your Email Marketing campaigns. Track your online advertising so that you will Know where your results come from.

Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Your Web Site. The opt-in form is very easy to create, just follow the instruction page to fill in the required information and you are set. The AutoResponder subscription forms can easily integrate into your own website by copying form code from your back office and paste on the appropriate page, post or sidebar. Subscription forms can be customized to look and feel like a seamless part of your website.

Convenient Opt-In Forms. account provides a variety of capture page templates that you can customize and use to start gathering subscribers for your online business. You just simply choose the capture page look and feel you want to use and start your promotion. But I have to say here is that many of the template capture forms are a little old fashion.

Messages in HTML or Text format Your email series can be sent to your subscribers either in beautifully formatted HTML messages and templates to give your messages a professional polished look or simply just plain text format for ease f reading.

No Complicated Programs to Download or Install. Signing up with Trafficwave is simple and easy you can open your account in less than 5 minutes. There are no downloads and no complicated installation processes. You can start to create your capture form and series of email for your subscribers

Unlimited Free Customer Support. Trafficwave has an online support team to help you with questions about your new AutoResponder. They also have a discussion forum where other users share ideas, tips, and strategies. You can also watch the free online videos to see exactly how to set up your AutoResponders.

With all the system in place, you may like to ask, what price do I have to pay as a new member, or when my list of subscribers grows to 1000, 5000 or even 10,000? The answer is just a one fixed price of $17.95 per month. There is no yearly contract and you can the subscription any month if you are not happy with the result or support.

Trafficwave provides the new member an ONE-month FREE Trail, the best part is you do not have to provide any credit card or payment. You only need to decide after the ONE-month Free trial.

The Pros and Cons with Autoresponder

First my personal score for autoresponder.


Owner: Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright
Website URL:
Training: 4.0/5
Resource: 4/5
Support: 4.5/5
Tools: 4/5
Success Stories:4/5
Total Score: 4.1/5
Free Trial: Yes
Membership: $17.95

Pros :
One Fixed Price regardless of list size.
Easy to set up Autoresponder system and capture form.
Provide Ads tracking tool
Custom Data collect and form or Template form.

Lack of choices on the template, a bit old fashion
Lack of variety on the form, such as pop up or customize graphic form.

Overall, if you just want to have a simple capture form to build your list, a reliable autoresponder that sends a periodical newsletter to your customers and tracking your ads campaign, Trafficwave definitely is value for money especially for new start-up and small and medium enterprise.

Subscribe the Newsletter on How To Build an Online Business by Turning Your Passion to Profit! And have a good insight of how the Autoresponder works for your online business.


Email Marketing by

Email Marketing

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17.95 Autoresponder.









          Success Stories

            1. AndreyAndrey

              thank you very much for your review. I am now in the process of choosing the right autoresponder.
              As I am just starting, I do not need fancy features, just convenience, and reliability.
              I have heard about AWeber, Getreponse, MailChimp and Fluttermail, so far. Never heard of Trafficwave before your post.
              As I am new to this I have a question: can I use the same account with one autoresponder for a several websites? Or should I pay for additional website’ list another $18 per month?

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Ho Andrey

                Hi, Andrey, Thanks for  visiting, I have 3 campaigns for 3 different websites and  am paying only one price. You only pay for ONE price for the AR and can have as many campaign as you like and that is what I like Trafficwave.. 

                Try the Free Trial yourself, you DO NOT have to give your Credit Card detail. Try it for ONE month and you don’t like it. Its don’t pay.


            2. jessie palaypayjessie palaypay

              Hey there,

              I was thinking about switching my email service provider for my blog and have thought about going from AWeber to Convertkit. I hear it has a lot of good reviews but after seeing this, I was wondering how Trafficwave stacks up against it?

              I would love to get your input before I make the decision to switch.


              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi, Jessie 

                Thanks for dropping by. Aweber is the leader in Email marketing and since you are using it now, I believe you know better than me as the last time i used Weber was many years ago and so much have changed.

                As for Convertkit, frankly, I have never heard it until your comment. I have make a quick search and the price is pretty stiff for a start @$29/month for 1000 subscribers. 

                I do not know your reason for switching from Aweber to Convertkit, surely you may have do your own research. All I can tell you is my reason for using a simple and unnoticed   email marketing company like trafficwave.

                1. The price stays @17.95/month regardless of the numbers subscribers 

                2. For the same  price you can have as many campaign as you like. not restricted to 1 or few sites.

                3. Simple to use back office and creating of campaign.

                There are many reasons Online marketers using AR, mine is very simple, I just want to have a capture form on my website and an Auto Responder which send newsletter or information to my subscribers at regular interval. 

                I do not need all the fanciful template and gadgets which I will never used but is added to the cost. 

                One thing, here, the back office is a little old fashion. I read from Convertkit claimed that convertkit is easier to use than MailChimp, and after trying Mailchimp, I think Trafficwave so much simpler. 

                Trafficwave offer a ONE month free trial without you giving your credit card detail. Why not give it a try yourself and see it fit you bill. You can always opt out since NO Payment Detail is given. 

            3. Matt's MomMatt's Mom

              I have been looking into an auto responder for a while now. I have been trying to decide how to set it up, what to use, etc. I think I have just been over complicating it in my mind…probably stems from the perfectionist in me. That being said, I am glad I found this post, because really, after reading this…it is quite simple and the lightbulb finally clicked on in my head. I am going to give traffic wave a shot.

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi, Leahrae

                Thanks for your interest in Trafficwave autoresponder. Yes it is actually very simple to set up.  I had tried a few others and settled with Trafficwave. 

                I do agreed that sometime we complicate things and attracted by the Shiny Object without really asking what actually we want.

                The best way to know whether Trafficwave fit your bill is to give it a try with their 30 days Free Trial.  You do not have to provide any payment detail to try it. 

                Glad my information help. 


            4. Sukumar ThingomSukumar Thingom

              To someone like myself, who’s a novice in internet marketing and who wants to learn all tricks of the trade for a successful career there, the information provided here is an eye-opener. The idea of Autoresponder is somewhat new to me but the review provided has been clearly explained and it makes me feel that internet marketing is here to stay. I wish to find out more on internet marketing in general and, autoresponder in particular. Thanks for the information.

              • Hi, Sukumar

                Glad that the article gave you some ideas of how Internate marketing works. autoresponder is inessence the tool that we provide value added service to our customers/subscribers by providing a regular interval news article or lesson that help our customers/sunscribers to solve their problem or enahnce their business. This is how we can connect with our customers.subscribers.

                If you read my answers to comments here, you will see the reason why we MUST have a autoresponder in place for our online business if you want to establish a long term business.

            5. MichaelMichael

              This sound like great option for a an autoresponder for sure.

              After using Traffic wave have you seen more sales, more CTR, or an overall postie effect on your business?

              Also have you ever tried Aweber? If so which one do you like better? I personally tried this a few years back, but since I did not have a lot of traffic to my site — it kinda just sat there as i sent emails out to very few people.

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi, Michael thanks for asking. Yes, I have tried Weber, Getresponse, Constant Contact and another AR which I cannot recall the name. That was like I said in my blog, more than 10 years ago. So much had changed. And I can’t tell you which one is better as it is very subjective. I can only say Trafficwave fitted my need and want over the others.

                Perhaps, you may have missed my reason for using Trafficwave, I just want a simple email marketing tool to build up my subscriber/customer base after coming back about 2 months ago​ to start online marketing again.

                I understand the frustration on having a small list, the CTR and sales will be negligible or even none. This is the very reason that I chose trafficwave over the other big name like you mentioned; aweber. I do not see myself needing all the gadgets and/or other tools from this big names and paying for it, I had highlighted this on my post.

                Having an Autoresponder is an important and integral part of online marketing business. Many affiliate program providers and gurus may tell you, you don’t need to have your own list, just promote through social media, PPC and other P&A to your affiliate link, and their landing page will convert the sales for you and you just collect the commission.

                I like to emphasise here, “Many affiliate programs and gurus may tell you, you don’t need to have your own list, just promote through social media, PPC and other P&A to your affiliate link​ and their landing page will convert the sales for you and you just collective commission.”

                Why their landing page and not your landing page? They knew the important of building up the list. You are doing the P&A for them, you get ONE TIME commission, they get YOUR customer email and contact for long term business. These customers supposed to be yours, should you have driven the traffic to your OWN landing page instead of theirs. Have a serious thought on this.

                At this moment, I am not too concerned whether I have more CTR or sales. My main objective is to have an AR to build my list.


            6. Kyle GreenKyle Green

              Traffic wave sounds like a pretty good option when it comes to autoresponders. I wonder, at what stage of traffic or what is the minimum traffic to a website until one should opt in to use traffic wave or any other software like it? Will it help drive more traffic if you start from the beginning or is it something you start after you have a regular daily traffic stream?

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi,  Kyle Thanks for visiting and glad that you find trafficwave a good option in autoresponder. When to use op-tin capture form and autoresponder is very subjective.  It will not help you drive more traffic at the beginning, however it is the way that retain your visitor for a long term business. 

                Let look at it this way, say your site attracted on average 50 visitors a day at the beginning, they visited your site  and some find something interesting and useful but no opt-in, so they bookmark your site and visit some other sites. 

                My site attracted 10 visitors a day, same thing happens and  one or two find the information I provided useful and interesting and one decide to opt-in for the newsletter I provided with a Free Bonus. The others may bookmark my site and visited some other sites like yours. 

                If I am able to capture 2-3 such visitors a week conservatively, in a year, I shall have 100-150 subscribers who trusted my judgement because of the value added information provided through the Autoresponder. I am in contact with them constantly. 

                In your scenario, you will be passively waiting for them to come back and if they do come back and join your affiliate program, my question is, can you contact them directly to offer other program,  products or service?

                So my answer is not when should I use autoresponder but why must I use it.

            7. James HarveyJames Harvey

              Would you recommend having a system like this for someone who just created a website about 2 months ago and receiving around 100-150 visitors a day?

              I’ve been told the money is in the list. But I never took the time to find out for myself. I just want to take it one step at a time and not add anything I don’t really need.

              Whats your take on it?

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi,  James

                Thanks for visiting and showing your interest in Autoresponder. What you are asking is what I have been debating myself 2 months ago. Do I really need an AR system to add on my cost when I have no traffic? 

                Your last question first, Well I cannot decide for you as every one have different need and want and also depending on the budget allocated for the online start up. As for me, I had made my decide and this is my second month with Trafficwave. 

                “The money is in the list” yes, many gurus had said it but the way they are doing it, I don’t quite agreed as I have been a victim of so many gurus promises on the system that making quick money. 

                The way we were taught is to provide more value by providing quality information to our customers and subscribers  to let them make an informed decision and create a long lasting bond and loyal customer. 

                The other reason other than the AR that I am using Trafficwave is that traffic wave itself is also an affiliate program and I am using it with my other program for cross selling  to connecting the two programs members for a win-win situation. This is my take!

                My suggestion, do more research  and build your business step by step as you said. When the time is ripe then you decide. 

            8. pmbaluka2016pmbaluka2016

              This is what I have been looking for! I’ve three websites already and have been looking for a cost-effective and easy to use Autoresponder program that can assist me to grow my business to another level. After reading your review, I feel that Trafficwave Autoresponder program can turn out to be the best option for me.

              I’m still new to autoresponder programs and I have a question on how they operate. Is there an option of writing the emails that I’d like my subscribers to be getting? Is there a tutorial offered on how to to use this program? Suppose an issue arises during installation or in functionality, how do I contact the owners?

              • Jaune SKJaune SK

                Hi, Paul Thank you for taking your time to read my review Trafficwave, you are right in saying that it is cost effective as compare to many big names, as to your questions I will do my best to answer as follow

                1.How they operate?

                Trafficwave is a email marketing company and has a A+ rating by Better Business Bureau, so the credential of the company is reliable. They are also an affiliate company where paid member can promote Trafficewave to other user who may or may not promote the affiliate program. You will get a commission when your customer like the program during the free trial and upgrade like any other affiliate program. 

                Customer can just use Trafficwave email marketing Autoresponder to send periodical newsletter and offer to their customer. You can check on this on their site.

                2. Is there an option of writing the emails that I’d like my subscribers to be getting? 

                Yes.The email written platform is simple and easy to use but a little old fashion. Just like WordPress writing platform.  You can use simple text format just for information or HTML format to add hyperlink to your business or your blog.

                You can have as many campaign as you like. Since you have 3 websites, you can have 3 separate campaigns and email newsletter series for each of your niches.  I have created 2 separate campaigns at the moment with a Funnel system.

                3. Is there a tutorial offered on how to use this program? 

                Yes. There is Video training and Training wiki.  Each of them lasted about 5-8 minutes to teach member how to set the campaign and email series and Auto send system. 

                The Training wiki is like wikipedia where you can find most of the information about Trafficwave.

                The owner also publish blog that provide useful information and tips on how to attract visitors and attract subscribers. 

                You can also refers the FAQ

                4. Suppose an issue arises during installation or in functionality, how do I contact the owners?

                You can email to the owner or support for help. 

            9. dreamgirl93dreamgirl93

              Thank you so much for this very informational review. I don’t use an autoresponder yet but soon I will be using one. I will consider using TrafficWave. In fact, I hadn’t heard of it until now so your review was very helpful and will affect my decision on which autoresponder to use.
              I really trust your site and your recommendation.

              • adminadmin

                Thank for your trust on my review. Most successful online marketer are using Autoresponder to connect with their customers or subscribers. It provide a regular update on information on your product or service to your customer. 

                Like mentioned on by review, I chose Trafficwave over the others bigger names because I just want simple opt-in form and and AR which is affiliate marketing friendly because Trafficwave is also an affiliate program. 

                Do your own research and then decide which AR is suitable to you. You can also try out their ONE month Free trial, no Credit card detail needed. Just get in and check whether it is suitable for your business and decide later.

                Anyway, thanks for drooping your view. Appreciate it.

            10. Karen nooneKaren noone

              Thank you for your time in writing this review. It sounds like just what I am looking for in an auto responder. I am relatively new to affiliate marketing and this side has confused me as there seems to be too many gadgets with other auto responders which I do not need. I am now off to click your link for my free trial.

              • Hi, Karen,

                Thanks for dropping by and give your view. Taking the Free Trial and check it up yourself is the most sensible way of finding out whether it suits your business model. What is good for me may not be suitable for your business. But I am quite sure that if you just wanting a simple opt-in form, build your customer list and reliable Autoresponder to send your newsletter and periodical offer, you will like Trafficwave.


            11. Thank you for a thorough review. I have not decided on what autoresponder to use, but, have to make a decision soon. I well give serious consideration based on your complete review of them.

              • Hi, Riley

                Thanks for dropping by. You need first to assess what is your need on wanting an Autoresponder. Different AR provider has their own strength and perhap limitation. What is good for me may not be suitable for you. So take your time and do more research and when you ready just get what you think fit your need.

                I just read one blog that the owner using 3-4 Autoresponder from different providers and his subscribers are spreading among the 3-4 AR. My point here, do we need so many different AR. He probably can have ONE click and send his email to all the subscribers, with 3-4 AR, he may have to do it 3-4 times.

            12. Andrew GAndrew G

              I can see that I can put a lot of trust into your site because the transparent way of explaining the #1 recommended auto respondor using the traffic wave brand and system. I personally agree that those are the things that I was looking for from an auto respondor whether I knew it or not. I personally find all of this as well in the sendlane auto responder service myself. Thanks for the review

              • adminadmin

                Thank Andrew for your sharing. As an Affiliate marketer, I believe any Aotoresponder who do not penalise affiliate marketing is good for us as all we need is to build a subscribers list and provide value for our readers and subscribers and hopefully they can trust us to join us in our online marketing business. 

                To be honest, I have research many and came back to Tarfficwave. Beside the cost vs benefit, I have challenges in all the new  email software that many companies offered. This morning, I tried to work on another email system on their Free trial and I hardly get my intended campaign in order. I guess still need plenty of time to get use to all the new program. 

                Anyway, at the end of the day, the important thing is get the result we wanted. And have a great weekend. 

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