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Welcome to, Your Online Marketing Wizard.

This page and subsequent blog post page under the category on Review is about our review on the pro & con of Online Marketing Business Opportunity, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Tool and Marketing System etc, etc.The review may base on personal experience involving with the program reviewed or research carried out from various sources.

One word of advice, you are required to do your own due diligence before making any decision to join. Many of our article here and review contain Affiliate Link. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.

What is The Top Affiliate Program for me?

Ask yourself this question again, what is the Top Affiliate Program for Me? Since This page is about Review, we need to set up certain criteria and format so that it can be understood easily. What is Good for me may not necessarily good for you as our requirement and situation are different.

My aim to venture into Onlne Marketing Business is to learn a systematic way from building a website to marketing it and so call monetize it and duplicate this system to many my friends and associates so that all can earn a decent income from home. So a quick sales gimmick type of program will not attract me. And Mind you, I have joined many, pay many and also discarded many.

Is online Marketing easy? Yes and No. Like everything else, there are people who find building Online Marketing Business very easy; there are people who find it very difficult.  However, when we follow a proven system, our chances of success will be higher; given times.

Bob Proctor said it aptly “You don’t get rich by doing a certain thing, you get rich by doing the thing in a certain way.” And that certain way is to follow a proven system, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

What is The Best Affiliate Program for Beginners?

Since our aim is to teach people who have no knowledge of online Marketing Business, to produce a duplicable system that anyone with a basic computer knowledge can learn to apply and succeed, our best Affiliate program must fulfill this 7 simple criteria for beginners or intended participants.

  1. TrainingBe your own boss in Online Marketing Business
  2. Resource
  3. Support
  4. Tools
  5. Success Stories
  6. Compensation Scheme
  7. Membership Price

So let’s get started on what we will be looking for in each of the Criteria for an affiliate program that we shall review in future and that may help you in making an informed decision for your online journey.

  1. Training; Question that we are looking into are
    1. Is the Training cater for all level of Online Marketer from Beginner to Advance Marketer
    2. Is the Training structure in a systematic way  that all can follow
    3. Is the Training regular and up to date or just outdated materials
  2. Resource
    1. Is the Resource available to all members
    2. Is the Resource Easily accessible
    3. Is the Resource updated regularly
  3. Support
    1. What type of Support is available to members
    2. The responsiveness of Owners and admin in clearing member’s problem.
  4. Tools
    1. What Tools are available to assist members to succeed in their online venture?
    2. Are the tools Freely and Easily accessible?
  5. Success Stories
    1. Are There people who have success with the program
  6. Compensation Scheme
    1. How well you get paid for promoting the program
  7. Membership Price
    1. How Much is the Membership Price?

What the Important Criteria in assessing a Top Affiliate Program?

Website URL:
Success Stories:
Membership Fee:

So the Criteria is set and hope you will like it and let’s join me to explore this Preferred Affiliate Program of Mine and experience yourself starting with their free Starter Membership and examine the function of the criteria.

Get a Free Starter Membership Here!

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