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How To Start an Affiliate Marketing for Free

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How To Start An Affiliate Marketing for Free

There is a saying ‘When the Student is Ready, The Teacher will appear!’ I want you to re-read the sentence again and again. So are you ready? If you are not, whatever we say here will be of no significance to you. That’s what I had gone through many years ago. I attended countless of seminar, training, and boot camp but getting nowhere simply because I am not ready then. And If you are not ready yet, read this sentence again and again,

When the Student is Ready, The Teacher will appear!’

If you are ready, lets move on. On the page on Affiliate Marketing, We talk about

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. Why Should You Start An Online MArketing Business with Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Mindset to Start Affiliate Marketing

Before we share on how to Start Affiliate Marketing Business, ask yourself this question,

Why DO I want to Start an Online MArketing Business especially with Affiliate Marketing?’


Wen SolutionIf you have a very compelling reason to start your Online Marketing Business, your chance of Success will be very high. I am not saying you will succeed with great motivation when you know the WHY you want to do it. Thomas Edison said,’“Success is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration!’ Actually, Thomas Edison said, “Genius is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration.’ But the fact remains that if you want to Succeed in life, You need to Work, work hard as well as work smart. What better way to work hard and smart by following a proven system.

From my personal experience, there is a self-discovery way and a Smart Duplicate does not innovate way

To start with, you will need the following whichever way you choose.

  1. Domain name
  2. Site Hosting
  3. Website Builder
  4. Autoresponder (for serious Online Marketer)

Before we discuss on each of them, you may want to ask, is all the above necessary?

Come on, ASK! Well with the evolution of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Etc. You can just post your link over to all the social media. That to me is what I call Wild Goose chase. You simply run into a flock of geese and hope you can catch one or two. If you aim is to make money at home with free start up and move on to build a long-term Internet Marketing Business, you will need all the above. Ask any successful Internet Marketing entrepreneurs, they will tell you the same thing.

Your next question, Can I have Free Domain, Website Hosting, Website Builder and Autoresponder?

The good news is there is Free stuff available which we will discuss and tell you where to find them and the Not so good news is, Free stuff has its limitation. Imagine, I give you a Free domain, which will be like this.; it won’t sound quite nice, isn’t it?

Your Golden Question, How Much Will All that Cost me?

I am glad you ask, well, it depends on where you come from and how much you willing to invest to start your Online Marketing Business with Affiliate Marketing. From where I come from, it is costly especially our national average income for a fresh graduate is less than USD500 per month. But to some of our community members, the cost is very small. Just compare the initial cost online with the cost of starting a Brick and Mortar business, you will know the cost is actually very minimal.

Building Your Online Affiliate Marketing Business

1. Domain name

Domain name is like your company name in brick and mortar business. It is where your potential customer can find you. A good domain name will provide a better brand for your online marketing business in the future. SO it is important for you to change a Domain that related to your business.

The Domain registration company I often use is What I like about is they provide a list of the available domain name from .com,.net to the rest. Like below

The Cost :$9.99 per year basic plan.

2. Website Hosting

The Website Hosting I use for one of my websites is Blue host is the only one hosting company recommended by WordPress on the WordPress hosting. Setting up your site with WordPress in Bluehost is just a few clicks without the need to upload the file. provide very good support on customer service.

Check out their special offer and a 30days money back guarantee offer.

The Cost: $8.99 per month (promotional price $3.95 first month on paying yearly for 1 site hosting)

3. Website Builder
There is no other better website builder than WordPress for beginners nowadays. Over thousand of themes for you to choose to suit any niche of your choice. If you are using for your hosting, it is just a click of the button and following a few simple steps and you are all set. We will talk about that in detail in our later post.

4. Autoresponder

If you intend to establish a long-term Online Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business, Autoresponder is a must. It’s an email marketing tools where you create a connection with your audience by sending to them periodical news, information and related articles to keep them in the loop with your online business.

Autoresponder is a powerful tool for Online Marketing Business

Cost: Free to over $100 depending on the size of your mailing list. Common Charge $19 per month.

So Your Total Estimate Cost to start your Online Marketing Business is on average between $10 -$15 per month minus the Autoresponder.

Learn How to Build a Website Free

So now we have the cost all workout, the next question is How and Where do we start? Most Online Marketer now using a free platform call WordPress to build their website. WordPress is an open sources platform where you can download the WordPress theme to start building your website.

As I have said earlier, there is a self-discovery way and a Smart Duplication, not Innovation System to start your Online Affiliate Marketing Business.

The Self Discovery Way.

Online Business 1Believe me, you will not like to start your online business this way if you are totally new in this business and I bet you are, otherwise, you will not be reading thus far. My personal experience is, if you are not a strong will person, you will give up after 1-2 attempt when you have no one to turn to when you face challenges.

Yes, your friend says you can google anything you want to know and watch You-Tube to learn anything. That I have no objection! Just imagine how much time you waste just to Google for a simple solution, rewind and fast-forward your YouTube guru video and watch umpteen times so that you can fix a simple problem. I have done that before when I build a website for fun. I thought with my knowledge attending the Internet Marketing Bootcamp years ago, it would be piece of cake. It took me about a month and it was a mission accomplish and full of pride. When I think of the time wasted which I can use to monetize my website sooner, the Self Discovery Way is just don’t worth your time. Anthony Robbins once said,” Success Leave Trail, and to be successful, you just need to follow this successful trial.” This site you are reading now takes me less than a week.

This site you are reading now takes me less than a week.

Now here is the step by step Guide on your self-discovery method.

  1. Registered your Domain with Or I suggested since they provide a FREE domain name when you registered the hosting with them.
  2. Log Into Their Control Panel and look for the WordPress Icon
  3. Click and follow the instruction.
  4. Choose your WordPress theme
  5. Google YouTube video on How to set up WordPress website
  6. Follow the instructions and you are set.

Congratulations You have just build your very own website for your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Wait, you sense something is amiss here, You are Dead right!

  • How about finding the right affiliate program?
  • How to properly set up your affiliate marketing website to attract potential customer?
  • How to promote and advertise your affiliate marketing website?
  • How to get connected with your customers
  • How to ………

You can continue to Google your solution and continue to watch your Tube Video; but before You follow the step by step guide from your You-Tube Guru and start the journey of self-discovery method, let’s look at the Smart Duplication, not Innovation System 

  1. Start Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business Free Easy Way with 2 free websites.

     2. Subscribe to our 3 Simple  Steps to Create a Website Free and Easy Way e-course and newsletter. Free to Subscribe here.

3.Join us Wealthy Affiliate community and learn the steps for Free Join our Smart Duplication, not Innovation System.

4.Bookmark for update and marketing resources.

either way, you still can build a website of your own and start an Online Marketing Business.

Your Choice.


p/s: Read our next post on How to Build a Website Free and Easy

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