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How To Create a Website with WordPress The Watching Youtube Way

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You were chatting with friends online and  you saw an ad on your Facebook that you can earn $5k-$10K a month by having your own online business and create a website with WordPress. And you thought to yourself, that is easy, I can do it myself.

You google on How to make money online and then you click the video section and found over 24 million videos you can learn on How To Create a Website with WordPress by Watching Youtube.

So you filtered the YouTube video one by one and finally you found one that look promising and you favorite the YouTube video and started watching. That is easy, you said to yourself after watching the first round.

You made a very important decision that You are going to earn $5K-$10k a month by following this “guru” and some others you had google on the internet. So you started watching the guru in great detail and following the instruction step by step.

The YouTube Guru’s way of Building Your Website

Now what follows is the summary steps in case you have missed it and I shall walk you through again.

Don’t get me wrong, I built my first website watching the YouTube video so I know how it works and how you feel if you are using thist route as mentioned in my earlier post. On How To Start an Affiliate Marketing For Free you can read it under the self discovery way.

Registered your Domain Name. 

1. First you need a Domain Name, so you clicked their link under their YouTube profile as instructed in the video.  You found a link to a Domain registering site or web hosting site, they are most probably this 3 Domain name company. Godaddy, Hostgator and BlueHost.

You were given a coupon code so you are a special referred guest and get a special discount on their hosting for the first year. So here you are the cost for Your new venture Domain registration per year.

  1. Godaddy – Starting from $3,99 per year for (dot)com domain name.
  2. Hostgator – Starting from $7.95 per year for (dot)com domain name.
  3. Bluehost – Starting from $9.95 per year for (dot)com domain name.

There are many more web hosting companies but these are the three web hosting that are commonly use in many YouTube gurus’ video. If you asked me, which one is good, I had used all three many years ago, currently I have 3 websites hosted by BlueHost. Bluehost is a trusted web hosting company and recommended by WordPress.

You can visit one of my site hosted by Bluehost. – Inspire Success Action!

But before you decide, you may want to have a visit on my #1 recommended program with web hosting and many other Online Business Support.  I  hosted 2 other sites and you are now reading one. Their system intergarted with WordPress and lessen a lot of the works that you have to do yourself. Learn more here.

2. Next You will be asked to go to another web hosting company, sometimes, depending on the guru you followed, you may have visited a web hosting company which also provide domain name registration and hosting together, so you kill two birds with one stone.

Image for illustartion only. The price stated may change overtime.

3. You check out the offer given by your Guru and tell yourself, I can afford it. No problem, and you happily keyed in your payment information and receive an email confirmation saying that you are all set to start your online business.

But you realized that the fee you have just paid is offered for first year only and the price will rise to almost double when you renew.

Its okay since you can make a thousand of dollars here so what is a hundred dollars. Right? So you went back and watched the YouTube video again

Please realize that the price may differ from the Images stated above and if you click the link here and purchase anything, we will be paid a commission on your purchase. Read our Affiliate Disclosure or disclaimer.

Installing Your WordPress platform

Now that you have your domain name and web hosting, it is time to build your $5k a month website, to save your time from juggling to and fro, backward and forward which made me also crazy, trust me you won’t like that experience especailly if you are tottaly new to internet marketing.

I shall walk you through the basic steps from installation of WordPress platform to create a website with a WordPress theme.

Believe it,  is not so fun watching the video and creating your website as the “Guru’ will speak so fast that you have to pause, replay and search all the features before you can start. I watch an 3 hours video umpteen times and this is the website I build. Just another day with Jaunesk

Bluehost Log in


For the purposes of demonstration, I will use BlueHost since my other websites are using Bluehost.

1. Go to your registration email from your web hosting company and click the login in link then  the login page, keyed in yoru user ID and Passwrd that you use to register the Doamon and hosting account.





2. Once you log in look for a button with a name Install WordPress





Wordpress Registration3. After  you clicked the Install WordPress button. you will be led to the page below. Just click on the Domain and your registered Domain shall appear,  click the domain name and follow the instruction to provide a Site Title.

Not to worry about the site title, you can change it later.



Click next and you will be in another page which need you to key in your Admin information for your wordpress account.

  1. Your Website Title
  2. You contact email from Bluehost
  3. Your Log in UserID for WordPress. This is different from your Bluehost log in UserID
  4. Your Log in Password for WordPress. This is also different from your Bluehost log in password.

Once you have completed the required fields, click next and you will be led to this page and it shows that you installation on WordPress has completed.

Again, you will be given another email notifify your success in creating a wordpress account given the detail as follows’

  • Your USER ID
  • Your Contact email
  • Your User Password for this WordPress site.

Saved that email for future use incase you forget what is your USEID and Password.

To Start creating your website, you have to log into WordPress account. If you want to log in from your browser just type

yoursitename(.)com/wp-Admin without the ()

Choosing Your WordPress Theme

Now that your WordPress platform has been completed, you can start building your $5k a month website using WordPress. You again watch the ‘Guru’ video and you are asked to choose a theme of his choice with all the fansiful gadgets and plugins.

So it time to choose your theme for Building Your Brand.

Start Up Blog themeTo log into your WordPress platform, you just have to type, replace Yoursitename with your actual domain name. Use your log in USER-ID and PASSWORD. Incase you cannot rememebr just refer to the email your web host sent to you after you have registered.

You are now in the dashboard of WordPress platform and to get your theme for you website, you need to choose a theme from the thousands of Free Theme. At this moment, it is not necessary for your to buy any pro theme.

This blog that you are reading now, the theme is start-up blog if you like the style and setting

You can just click install and activate and you are all set up for your new Onine Business.

Setting Up your WordPress blog

Wordpress Dashboard


Once you logged  into the worpdress platform,this is what you will see.

The first thing you need to do after logged into WordPress backoffice is to get a theme of your choice.




Wordpress Theme


Click Appearance =>Theme and you shall find a display of free theme from WordPress.







Wordpress Themes



Choose the one you think is relevant to your website. While the guru may recommend their preferred them, if is not necessary that thye fit your website objective.
Go ahead and choose one.



Title and Tagline

After you have chosen your themd, Go to Appearance again and click setting to edit  your

1. Your site Title

2. Your site Tagline (You can change item 1 & 2, it can be changed anytime by coming here or the customize live widget that we shall discuss later.)

3. Your Contact email address (any correspondence like comment or email will go to this email address)





The next thing you need to change is the Permalink, click the custom structure with post name. This will give your post URL with the title of you post or page.


Customzie Your WordPress Theme.



The next thing you need to do will be customizing your theme. Go to apperance and click customize






Customise your Theme


You will go to this page

Most of the features in custom page, you can also find them in the Apperance and setting in the WordPress dashboard.

The only difference is that what ever you change in this custoomize wideget,  you can see it live on this page. Go ahead and try it out yourself.


Wordpress dashboard





When you are done, go back to the WordPress dashboard and you need to clear some unwanted page or post then you are all set to start your website or blog.




Sample page



Click Page and delete the Sample page and then click post and delete the Hello Dolly.




Congratulations, You are now all set for your new online venture. I believe if you are watching the YouTube guru ways of setting up your WordPress website, this is where they said Gook Luck to you.

What’s next? You may ask. Yes What’s Next? I heard you. This is exactly the question I asked myself when I followed the YouTube guru video to set up my first website using WordPress.

I was lost after setting up the website and have no idea on how to continue eventhough I have experirnce of setting up blogs before.

I believe you will want to learn How to continue building your online business with the wordpress website that you have just set up and make money from it. The question is how to go about it.

There are of course more to just setting up a WordPress website and the oppotunity is unlimited with today technology.

To build a long term online business, You MUST take a look at my #1 reommended Training Program and this is what you will be getting

  1. Live Help for first  7 days
  2. Two Free Hosted Website fully optimize with WordPress.
  3. Website Security Package
  4. Website Back up
  5. Beginners course
  6. Personal Affililiate Blog
  7. Affiliate Bootcamp (Phase 1)
  8. Video Walk Through
  9. Training Classroom (2)
  10. Affilaite Program
  11. 1 on 1 Coaching
  12. Earn While You learn

How much do you think you need to pay for this elsewhere?

$0/month Yes. You do not see wrongly. It is ZERO cost per month on the above mentioned benefits. And If you still think that your Yourtube Video Guru way of Building a WordPress website is better. Go ahead.

If you beleive that it is more than just building a website and want to build a long term Online Business join us now!

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