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How to Build A website Free and Easy Way

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How to Build A website Free and Easy Way

Sometime in June 2017, I attended a wealth building seminar and made a few new friends during the seminar. I always believe that people who invest their hard-earned money and time to attain seminar, workshop, and bootcamp or even join online courses are people who want to improve their current lifestyle or provide a better living standard for their family. They have my utmost respect.

The same goes for you who are reading my post here. You also want to learn something of value to improve your income otherwise you will not be reading this post instead, perhaps visiting those paparazzi or what I call gossip site.

Back to my few friends I met during the seminar, one of the ways that we can create wealth is to build an online business selling products or providing services online; and my new friends two of them told e that before that seminar, they had attended an internet bootcamp on how to make extra income online The problem is after attended the 3 days seminar, they find it difficult to build a website on their own and do not have any clue on how to monetize it. as compared to what I paid here which is about one-quarter of their internet bootcamp cost, I believe I have gotten a bargain, to know more, read my blogpost on my #1 Affiliate Program here.

3 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Website for Free

I understand that you may want to build a website and starting an online business and trusting us to provide you with valuable information to learn How To Create Your Own Website free and easy way. Believe me, building a website is not rocket science. Anyone with some basic computer knowledge can do it. The question is how and probably where. That should be your aim of reading this article, right?

It is true that you can create your own website in 3 Simple Steps in less than 5 minutes for free. Just take a look on the One-Page website that I have built just to show you that it is possible.

Free and Easy Website

Of course, you will not be happy just to create a One-Page site, That will be our future lessons and take a look on this other 2, Marketing Herald & Travelers Herald. You too can create and build websites like this when you follow our system and along the way, learn How to earn extra income.

You can build a website the Free and easy way, but you need to understand that when it is free, it has it limitation, but then again, that will not stop you from earning some income with this free website. A lot of members who stay free member with us had earned some extra income. Read some success stories on 7 Years of Success Story. Some members remain as free starter members but many had since upgraded to paid premium members for better earning.

Registering Your free Domain Name

The first thing that you need to have when starting an online business is to have a Domain Name, a hosting site and perhaps a few tools along the way. Get a Free copy of our 5 Simple Steps on How to Turn Your Passion into Online Profit! to have a brief idea on how to start an Online Business with your Niche i.e. Your Passion.

As we go along, you will learn to build up pages and blog posts to attract more visitors. There are many ways you can start your free website, just google free websites and you can find many, such as which use from google, word, don’t confuse with word who provide a lot of free theme for websites and maybe just to name a few.
The Free website I want to introduce to you is provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Click this link to get 2 Free hosted websites and Free starter membership benefits. The steps for Registering A Free website is simple

Your Domain Name

1. Fill in your desired domain name inside the box and check for availability. Once available, you will be transferred to the account creation site. Make sure there is a Green tick on the chosen domain. It is available, it will lead you to create Your Free Starter Account.

You can learn more about WA free Starter Member’s benefits here with this link Free Starter Member. Before you ask, WA free Starter Membership is free for as long as you stay. They have a premium membership for a fee for people who wanted to bring their online business to a higher level. At this moment you need not worry on the paid membership. NO one will pressure you to upgrade and there is no upsell in Wealthy Affiliate or WA.

The reason why I am introducing you Wealthy Affiliate Free website with its hosting is that at a later stage when you feel that you want to bring your online business to a higher level, you can opt to change with much hassle. As for the other free websites providers, It may not be that easy.

Your Free Starter Account

2. Complete Your Account information

After you have created a suitable domain name for your website, you will be transferred to the WA Complete Your Account Information page to create your Free Starter Member Account.

  • Fill in your Full name. You don’t want your commission to go to someone else when there is a sale, do you? (Yes Free Member also can earn a commission when someone joins through your link and become a Paid Member. Cool Isn’t it?)
  • Fill in Your Email address
  • Create Your Password,
  • Create Your User Name. The name you wanted other people to call you.

Once you registered and confirmed with your email, you will be allowed to log into their membership platform where you can start building your Free Website. Take some time to set up your membership profile on account setting and explore the various features and benefits that are provided for free member.

In case you need some guidance just watch this Free Siterubix Website video.

3. Build Your Own Free Website.

To build your Free website, followed the steps below

Go to login with your USER ID you provided.

  • Look for the light Blue color button on the left with Siterubixbuild your website here.
  • Click Sitebuilder
  • click on a Free Domain
  • choose your site name – think carefully before your click as this cannot be changed. (You can skip this if you already registered your domain name when signing up on site)
  • Enter a Title for your site name. Don’t worry you can change it later.
  • Choose a Theme.

If you have followed the step when you start reading this post, you probably have completed and set up your free website already.

You are now all set for building your online business on your niche or simply just create a hobby site, that is up to you. Like my travel site. Travelers Herald. I build it just to record our holiday but it has generated a small income from Google Adsense. That is what we say monetize your website which you will learn later. If you have not downloaded our

5 Simple Steps on How to Turn Your Passion into Online Profit! Do it now. It can serve as a reference on how you can turn your Passion into Profit.

I am glad you have gone this far and we shall continue our site building on setting up the Word Press theme website on our next blog post. Bookmarked this site for future reference.


Jaune SK

Your Online Marketing Wizard

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