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A Brief Introduction on Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Member

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A Brief Introduction on Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Member

Welcome to your new beginning. You come here for a reason and I believe You can make your own judgment with an informed mind. Before you read on, I have this quote to share with you, “Our Mind is like a parachute, Not Much Use useless is Open!” So if you have an open mind let’s move on so that you can make an informed decision, or If you cannot wait, just click here Or banner below

The fact that you are here reading this page is the result of the proven system that we follow the WealthyAffiliate training course. So let see what WA can offer to you if your desire is to learn easy online marketing system.

Free Online Marketing Course

Affiliate MarketingLet ask yourself this few million dollar questions if you want to venture into Online Marketing Business before we discuss the benefits of becoming a wealthy affiliate member.

How Much Do I Know about Online Marketing Business?

Whether you know a lot, know some or know nothing, WA will have a place for your but it very much depends on how you fit in. Many people signed up for a course and do not want to learn the trick of the trade, instead, they look for instant gratification, want to get-rich-quick. If that is your intention, then I afraid Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

There are some who have some basic knowledge of Internet marketing but cannot lower their pride to unlearn and relearn the mechanics behind the success system and wanted a quick fix. When things did not go well, they rant about being cheated. Surely, I believe you are not one of these.

Do I have to pay anything to start this business?

My answer is YES, you have to part some money to start this online marketing business opportunity when you want to advance further.

I know you may be attracted by the FREE website, FREE course, FREE Something. Let me set the record straight here and do not want to lead you to an illusion of earning something without anything. When you have something for Free, always remember that someone is paying for the cost, not your.

If you  Still want to earn extra income at home free? Your can and is perfectly okay!

When you wanted a thing in Free, remember people can sense your commitment, those who learn from your in the future also want to do it for free, soon you will find that you have attracted a large cloud but no income.

So when your join WealthyAffiliate free membership which we can Starter Member, you are a Free member for as long as you want. You will get the following for free

1. Websites – 2

2. Websites backup

3. Personal Training Course -10 lesson

4. Personal Affiliate Blog

5. Video walkthrough

6. Training classroom – 2

7. Affiliate program

8. Earn While You Learn

9. Keyword searches – limit to 30

10. 1on 1 coaching first 7 days

For all the above your paid USD$0/month. Zero, Nothing. Why it is free, as I mentioned earlier, when you are getting something for free, someone has to pay for the bill, just that it is not yours. In this instance, it will be and it’s Paid Member which we can Premium member.

You can compare the Benefits of Premium Member vs Free and read more on my post

Why do we want to do that, bearing the cost?

In WealthyAffiliate we want to see your successful, and we understand that many people may have little challenges in parting away with their Hard Earned money for fear of being scammed. I know how you feel because I have been scammed a few times. But I never see myself being rip-off, because I had learned something useful; it may not be earning extra money from Online Marketing which I intended, I did learn some important learning from how to differentiate between legitimate online marketing business opportunity with those “guru” or website just want to take your money time after time without providing real value.

How does WealthyAffiliate fit in?

1. 2 Free Websites

We know that not many people are equipped with internet skill in building up a website let along doing Online Marketing and make extra money home. So providing you with a 10 lessons certification course that leads you to step by step to build a website, not only one but TWO free websites to strengthen your knowledge and skill in finding ways to earn extra cash at home. In doing so, you will be able to start right away to start a website on your passion, in WA we call it your Niche.

The Free Starter Membership is FREE as long as you wanted to stay.

Enter the name of your choice in the space and hit Build It Now. This is the best way you can build online marketing business for free and also risk-free at no cost to you.

If you are worrying on how on earth you can build a website without any knowledge, don’t worry, just read on.

2. Websites Back Up

Your website will be auto backup periodically without your manually backup, so you can have a piece of mind that your masterpiece will not go to the drain due to some mistakes or bug in your PC.

This is very common for most newbie and you are not alone. I had to delete this site 3 times due to theme errors but here you are reading my web page.

3. Personal Training Course -10 lesson

Online marketing coursesWA in my humble opinion provide the best free online marketing classes The lesson is so well arranged and you can learn to affiliate marketing step by step. Here is a snapshot on the courses.

The lesson consist of text and Video walkthrough where you can learn from the master in online marketing from the comfort of your home. At any time, you are in doubt At the end of each lesson, you will have to check your progress before moving to the next lesson. This is to affirm what you have learned and then move on.

If this Free online marketing course is not enough, you are provided with 2 Training Classes where you can learn from the many successful members’ of the community. Why Innovate, just duplicate, is what I believe the best way to learn to succeed.

You will be given access to 30 Keyword Searches to have a feel on how successful content is being built with the video walkthrough lessons.

To boost your confidence in learning easy online marketing, your also entitle a 1on 1 coaching for the first 7 days as a starter member to learn from the master members to enhance your success rate.

The Best Affiliate Programs to Promote

The Personal Affiliate Blog is where your share your success and interact with the over 900,000 tong members’. Like I said earlier, members’ of the WA community are helpful lots and they are more than willing to solve other members’ problem and see them grow. Where else will you see other members’ share their experience and share their knowledge with asking for any return? But in WA, we did, this blog is positive with the many inputs and help of the WA community members’.

6 ways to Earn Money Online shared by a WA member

Earn Money OnlineJust in case you do not have a niche or you do not have any passion that you think you are good but still, want to make money online affiliate program, WA is The Best Affiliate Programs to promote and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Why not start to Earn While You Learn with The Best Affiliate Training in the World. Just check out the screenshot on the left, with a 10 lesson Online Marketing Business course and 7 parts To affiliate Marketing classes with the strong support of the members’, the only excuse that you will not be successful in this Internet Online Marketing Business is only Your and Your alone. Many members’ had seized this World Best Online Marketing course and live their dream lifestyle, Work from Home and Travel The world.

The only setback that I can find in Wealthy Affiliate is the huge amount of information in the lesson and classes and the ever warm members’ who help each other that I seem to lost time in exchanging ideas and info that I keep losing track of times and do not have enough sleep. 🙂

But this is HAPPY Problems and I guess you will like it too.

What are you still waiting for? Just Hit This and I will see you inside the community.

Welcome to, Your Online Marketing Wizard.

This page and subsequent blog post under the category To Affiliate Marketing is about how one can earn extra income at home through Affiliate marketing. The subsequent blog post will discuss how to start building a website, looking for legitimate affiliate programs related to your niche site and creating your content to attract the audience. How to launch your marketing and promoting a program through various social media.

What is  Affiliate Marketing.

To Affiliate Marketing, the simple and best Online Marketing Business Opportunity that YOU can start with. Academically if you wanted to know more about Affiliate Marketing and its history, you can check it up here with Wikipedia on Origin of To Affiliate Marketing. I am more inclined to believe that you are here to find out How to learn To affiliate Marketing online and find ways to earn extra income at home and build an online marketing business to set yourself free from the daily routine work and provide a better environment for your family. If that’s your aim, bookmark this page for more information in the future.

A simple analogy on To Affiliate Marketing

Let say your like surfing, and you live near a small village near a beautiful beach because of its lack of promotion and logistics issue, not many tourists come here but still, the number of tourists has made your villagers busy during peak season. You see that your beach has huge potential, however, there is a big issue, tourist often finds it difficult to buy some essential items related to surfing or sunbathing and other items as the villagers never use such items.

So you decided to look for Merchant to supply these items and found one who is willing to deliver their stock to you if YOU can find a Retailer (customer) who is willing to pay for the product after the deal is concluded you will be paid a commission. So you did. The Merchant is happy as he now has a new channel, the villagers are happy, because now more tourist are coming, the retailer is happy, now he has a new line of products to sell and YOU are even happier, because every time the retailer order from the merchant, you are paid a commission and found a way of earning extra money at home.

That my friend is the beginning of your Affiliate Marketing.

Business NetworkSo change your scenario into Online Marketing Business, it is no different for the simple analogy above except that this time you do online and need not meet the merchant and retailer in person. Only this time, you promote the merchant product through Internet or Online. You are given a link which is unique to you. Your job now is to promote this Unique link of yours through affiliate marketing websites on the world wide web or internet. Whenever your unique is click, it will bring the person who browses the internet to the merchant website. When this customer buys the merchant’s product, you will be reward with a commission. If the product is a physical product, it will be delivered to your customers, if digital, it is even more amazing, your customer will immediately download the digital products once payment is confirmed. You will get your commission depend on the payment period of your merchant.Â

Thus Affiliate Marketing is a way that YOU can earn extra money by referring CUSTOMER who purchases a PRODUCT or service from a MERCHANTÂ through the INTERNET. This, in essence, is the modus operandi of affiliate marketing business but the concept often makes complicated by many.

Why Your should start your Online Marketing Business with Affiliate Marketing Program.

1. Low Entry and Maintenance Cost

you Imagine if you are going to start the Beach and Surfing related products on your own with physical retail store instead of linking the merchant to the village retailer. You will need an initial capital outlay for the renovation and buying of stock, you will have to man the shop your by your self or hire your village friend to assist you.

you With Affiliate Marketing online, most if not all are free to join. You don’t need to have your own products which may take time to produce. You don’t have to keep stock, no rental and wages to pay and Best part is you can do 24/7/365 when you follow a proven system from a reputable merchant or network.

2. Easy to Start

Since you do not need to have your own product, shop, an employee, it is much easy to start on your own with very little capital and maintenance cost. Some Gurus may tell you, you can do it for FREE. Yes, I do agree you can start FREE and earned some extra income. Believe me, there is always a limit with Free stuff on the internet and you will be frustrated later. I experienced that before; believe into the fairy tales of the guru that his program can do it for free. No argument about that, but when you wanted to pick up the momentum and realized that without some form of investment your success will be limited.

In order not to disappoint your later, let be frank from the beginning so that you will have a clear vision and budget on how to starting building your Affiliate Marketing Business, when and where to invest your money and time so that your online business will have fewer challenges and obstacles.

3. Earn While You Learn

One of the best benefits of starting your Online Marketing Business with Affiliate Marketing is many established affiliate marketing program provides basic training to help their affiliate who have very limited knowledge about internet building a successful affiliate marketing business online.

◦You will often see that some most successful Affiliate Marketing Business are a homemaker, retiree or youngsters who follow the teaching and training and system faithfully with casting any doubt. Instead, some intellectual cannot make it due to their mindset of its simplicity and method.

you The best part is while you are learning how to build your online business, by following the proven system, you can also start earning while you are still learning.

Requirement on To Affiliate Marketing Business

So how do I start my affiliate marketing business and what do I need to start?

1. You need access to the Internet, this cost money. Some may tell you can do it with free WiFi. Well for a start you may. Just imagine how troublesome it is every time you want to login your merchant site and you spend most of your time looking for free WiFi.

Online Business 12. You need some computer knowledge, better with a master degree in information technology, No I am just kidding. You do need to know how to operate a computer, how to log into the secure website and also follow instruction, click, copy and paste the correct unique link of yours to promote it. You may think I am joking here, but the fact is, I knew a few friends who spend few thousand dollars attending an internet book camp and do not know how to copy and paste the affiliate link code properly on FREE websites. I cannot ASSUME everyone  know this as it may make an ASS out of U and ME.

3. Your must an attitude of willing to unlearn and relearn and learning some basic things and new things and ideas. Often the people who fail in this online marketing are the one who has some knowledge and refuse to follow the system step by step. Always remember, Solid Foundation is the Key to Successful Business, in any business or profession.

4. Most Importantly, you need to have patience, determination, and perseverance. This is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. There are many “guru” advertise that by following their programs and buy their tool, you can get flocks of customers to buy from you. YES, there are flocks of customer who rush to buy their product to get-rich-quick and you are one of those who flocks to it. Excuse me if I hurt your feeling if you have this experience before.

Opportunity favors the Person who is Prepared. If you are ready and prepared. We will see your on our next series on

How To Start an Affiliate Marketing Business.

Bookmark this page to update yourself on important information, strategy, tips, and tools for your online Marketing Success.

If you cannot wait, just Click here to join the best Affiliate Program to Promote.  or Get a Free Copy Road Map on 5 Simple Steps on How to Turn Your Passion into Online Profit!

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