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About Me

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Welcome to Your Online Marketing Wizard.

This page is about me and my brief history into Online Marketing, but more importantly, this website is for you who may be like me, aspiring to build an online marketing business and to seek financial freedom.

Why Online Marketing

I Graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK; the World largest Institute of Marketing profession and awarded a Chartered Marketer, I also Graduated with an MBA major in Finance.

My work provides me the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life, from small business owners to corporate executives where we provide quality Risk Management services and consultancy to the local business community. The involvement in preparing a well-defined risk management program and proper insurance coverage for our clients has extended me the insight into the business operation and management of many corporations, big or small. This opportunity has enhanced my business acumen and has been sharing business success strategies and tips with my associates and clients as a mission to further business development.

Now My Journey on Building Online Marketing Business

Over the years, with the evolution of Internet and Online Marketing, many of our local small and home business entities have seen keen competition not only from our national players, the Online Marketing Platform has brought in a competition which they have never faced before. While I graduated with a Marketing Diploma, the  Internet Marketing is something though not alien barely scratching the surface in our study; sensing the important of Internet Marketing and Online Business and more importantly fascinated by the ever speedy evolution of online marketing or internet marketing, I took it as my mission to learn, apply and share the secret and power of Online Marketing with some of my clients and associates with my limited online knowledge.

The Journey on building a Legitimate Online Marketing Business is full of challenges, uncertainties, and setbacks after many failed attempts including attending an Internet Bootcamp on “How to Start an Internet Marketing Business” in 2008 by a renowned guru who has no way to be seen today. I Persisted abide in a lesser scale.

Unperturbed by these challenges and setbacks, I continue to search and learn the Secrets and the mechanism of Successful Online Marketing Business as I always believe that Online  Marketing Business is the way business must embrace in order to survive and compete.


This website is MY Journey into the wizardry land of Online Marketing again. About 2 months ago, I attended a wealth creation and investment seminar, one of the way to create wealth is through Internet Marketing where you can reach the world audience with a Mac book, WiFi line and do it anywhere, anytime you like. The coaching program, the cost, in my son’s term, can buy a new car for him, more about this later in my blog.

I know that many people have a very negative feeling about Online Business and site that stated on How to Start an Internet Marketing Business, internet marketing ideas and/or online marketing business opportunities. Many people have been scam before at least this is what they felt. I know perfectly how you feel if you are like me; as I have attended or joined countless online business seminars and bootcamp and I felt the same way too. Looking back, I am glad I had been “scammed” before, in fact, I never felt I had been scammed but rather I feel that I had learned some important lessons and every lesson I learned I become smarter at least when online Marketing Business is concerned. This is something that nobody can take away.

My Invitation to you on Starting an Online Marketing Business

With the wealth creation and investment coaching that I have joined, I noticed that many of our members are not online marketing savvy and there is only one coach that is good at Online Marketing, this lied in front of me one very big opportunity. So I decided to dive into the Internet Marketing world more aggressively to learn again and apply so that I can share with my members in our coaching group.

I always believe that the best way to learn is to teach. The more I share, the better I shall be. And I have found one community that I like; the members, its concept, and program and it’s internet marketing courses with a very minimum cost a month. Compare to what I paid for the investment coaching fee, I have to say, that’s Godsend.

So here in, it is my journey and it has just begun, you are welcome to come along with me to go with me where you have never been before and together we can start Online Marketing Business to free our self and travel the world together. Whether you are with me or not, my journey will continue.

All the best,


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